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Discoveries 2016

As this year is coming to an end, it’s time to summarize it. Here’s my albums/EPs top 30. The list is based on different factors and especially the second part of it could have a (slightly) different order. Don’t be bothered with the order more than necessary.

I have discovered many new artists this year. This is largely due to my especially intense curiosity and Spotify. Thank you Spotify. Even though you might not be good for the music industry, you’re an excellent discovery tool. Artists (and thus albums) I have left out in the below list include Steve Hauschildt, Jon Bap, Eastghost, Helado Negro, Chinese Man, Whitney, Doctor Flake, Jonny Nash, Scraps, Cocainejesus, Idealism, S U R V I V E, Leisure and too many others.

The list is probably incomplete. While I’m writing this, Omar Rodriguez Lopez has released another album. This man has been releasing albums like a cornflakes factory this year.

Kind of out of this world: This picture.

Kind of out of this world: This picture.

ALBUMS & EPs of the year 2016: 1-10

    1. The Black Dog – The Book of Dogma III
      ► Mental Health Hotline (video)
      This is my #1. Experimental, hypnotic, dark, has something ungraspable to it.
    2. Tidus – Why We’re Here On Earth (EP)
      ► See You There (video)
      Tidus is probably my #1 discovery this year. I absolutely adore his style and his sometimes indiscernible speek.
    3. STS9 – The Universe Inside
      ► Supercluster (video); Sun, Moon & Stars
      This is out of this world. There’s even a track called Out Of This World on this album.
    4. Leron Thomas – Good Kung Fu (EP)
      ► Lychenstadt
      Something like a #2 artist discovery. Bold, and I wouldn’t exactly know what genre this falls under.
    5. Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool
      ► Burn the Witch (video)
      This one has to be on the list. I love the new album; I looove Radiohead.
    6. Electric Wire Hustle – 11th Sky
       Golden Ladder; March (video)
      Smooth stuff. Unexpectedly offbeat.
    7. Black Atlass – Haunted Paradise
      ► Permanent SmileBlonde (video)
      Also smooth stuff. This very young man sounds older than he is.
    8. The-Dream – Love You To Death (EP/Single)
       Ferris Wheel; Rih-Flex
      See my review. Great lyrical depth coming from someone who looks like a phony poser.
    9. Junior Boys – Big Black Coat
      ► Big Black Coat
      This album was released in the beginning of the year. I’ve stopped listening to it in the meantime, but it belongs in this section.
    10. The Weeknd – Starboy
      ► Starboy (video); False Alarm (video)
      The Weeknd is now someone else and this album is rather a loose collection than a round concept. I think this is more than appropriate in 2016. Pitchfork perceives it as an incoherent, “watered-down” “opportunistic compilation” by a “sanitized version of the second coming of Michael Jackson”. I’m going to ignore Pitchfork in 2017.

      Another cultural milestone this year (though not music): Finally watched Gerry.

      Another cultural milestone this year (though not music): Finally watched Gerry.

      ALBUMS & EPs of the year 2016: 11-30

    11. David Bowie – Blackstar
    12. Anohni – Hopelessness
    13. Zammuto – Veryone
    15. Gallant – Ology
    16. Drugdealer – The End Of Comedy
    17. Adrian Younge – The Electronique Void: Black Noise
    18. Goat – Requiem
    19. Seahawks – Escape Hatch
    20. Nicolas Jaar – Sirens
    21. DVSN – SEPT 5th
    22. Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Arañas el la Sombra
    23. Gonzo Jones – Misty Dreams
    24. Soft Hair – Soft Hair
    25. Woods – City Sun Eater in the River of Light
    26. River Tiber – Indigo
    27. Rihanna – ANTI
    28. Sports – People Can’t Stop Chillin’
    29. Tricky – Skilled Mechanics
    30. Mild High Club – Skiptracing