Notes on Instagram

Since about a year now I’ve been posting things on Instagram. In the meantime I was watching what everybody else was doing. It took me a long while to realize that not everybody is doing boring stuff. What I consider boring is sticking to the same genre and even subject, doing the same thing over and over again. Someone will only post landscapes, someone else will only post food pictures.



I’m not saying that sticking to the same theme is bad, it can be good in a meditative sense, of seeing a theme in different variations, or light, or perspective. The problem is only that I doubt that people would do it for awareness reasons.

During my research I stumbled upon Instagram groups, which are called pods in the insider circles. This pod thing is going nuts right now, it’s all over Facebook, in fact I think this is getting absurd. Consider the following picture:

The point of the whole thing: If you have a group of people who have similar accounts, they can support each other by engaging in others’ posts. The goal is, as so often, to get more followers, likes and such.

Ultimately this means that all these people are taking their landscape photos, being in a niche, so they can increase their public exposure (to put it nicely).

Now, as a consequence, I feel myself trapped in a conflict: What should you go for, consistency or personal integrity (authenticity)? Are you serving an audience or are you being yourself? Both is kind of legit, I don’t need to explain the being yourself thing, and doing something for an audience makes sense because social relevance is a good point — your work should matter to someone else, that’s why it’s public.

Doesn’t matter how long I think about it, I think that if you want more followers, the content of your stuff doesn’t matter. That thing you’re doing becomes irrelevant.

Of course, you might object, most people don’t do so much thinking. They want fame, and they’re trying to get it. However, as Tony Robbins (who once coached Steve Jobs among others) said, “Wants don’t (consistently) get you anywhere, standards do.” Your follower number can’t be your standard. I actually need to write a separate article about this.

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