Gudetama: Cute Depressed Egg That’s Hyping All Over The World

Have you heard of this cute egg mascot that’s become popular within the Japanese culture and then got adopted in the Western world by everyone who was a fan of “kawaii” stuff? Well, I got onto that train, for a brief moment of my graphic design career.

Eggs… Such a mundane subject. Who would have thought that an EGG can be such a beautiful thing?

And then look at all that emotional depth: Gudetama never seems motivated to step out into the world. No wonder the yolk wants to crawl back into the shell — it doesn’t feel safe in the world, where it could be eaten by a hungover truck driver. Who would want that. I bet you wouldn’t.

The Gudetama egg is portrayed in all kinds of situations, the pictures I made are just a small selection. I think it would make a great comic book. The name could be something along the lines of “Adventures Outside The Shell”.

The above pictures link to my designs. If you fancy purchasing any of them (on shirts, mugs, stickers, or whatever else you’re shopping) — I will be happy about sales. Just saying.

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