Sorry, Top 30 of 2016, but you will have to deal with an update. I have just discovered The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and its Mutations shall be my new #1 album of the year. I know it sounds a little exuberant, but just listen to this.

My blog has been discussing so much music lately that it seems to be slowly turning into a music reviews magazine. In order to prevent this from happening, next post is going to be about something entirely different.

Speaking of music though: As I have discovered very recently, Tame Impala’s The Moment is one shameless rip-off of Tears for Fears’ Everybody Wants to Rule the World. Isn’t it fascinating? Dibs on that idea.



I have a lot of hobbies. The list of my hobbies stretches across all media and all possible ways to consume and create. My newest thing are videos. I can’t imagine the full scope of possibilities, because eternity is unimagineable.  Clearly, my first videos are a conglomeration of nonsense, with a tiny speck of wisdom shining here and there. I need to grow past pure entertainment. I need to enter the realm of the seriousness.

alles, hey!, omg

Holy Delirium

But she didn’t understand.
Pulp –  Common People

This is actually from a Smashing Pumpkins video

This is actually from a Smashing Pumpkins video.

Bonjour, dear readership.

Unbelievable but true: My long-gone baby is now back from the dead, again thanks to the (now former) host of this blog (see this statement). I’m now back on track and as happy as a unicorn on ecstasy on a sunny summer day in New Zealand.

Over a year has passed since the last entry. Too many things happened, too many things changed, but it doesn’t have to “mean anything”. The priorities will continue to be all about serious science, facts and the truth in general, because despite all the changes, the unchangeable core is always working in the background, like a (metaphorical) CPU. Everything is a question of definition, but definitions can’t be carved in stone either, and when I say unchangeable or core, I could as well be saying croissant or crunchy, at least within the realms of this lawless corner of the world wide data abyss that is the internet.

Back in the old days an IBM engineer reportedly said “Nice, but what do we need it for?” about microprocessors. His lack of belief was soon to be drastically corrected by the reality. Let’s never forget that sometimes things that initially don’t make sense become the backbone of the economy.

Edit: The search is now working too. Who needs google for this anyway.

alles, hey!


after having watched lost for ages, i feel like life is all about standing before (or running around) a big mysterious thing, like a stranded whale or something, and i should really have watched werckmeister harmonies, but i haven’t and now i get to think something about this whale while questioning my own generation of automatic references like moby dick. well, the tea in my cup gets colder, and at the end of the day i’m sitting here with a large cup of lukewarm tea and no real results. meanwhile, the stranded whale comes to life. really gotta pay attention sometimes.


spending calories

I am not at the ofiice. I will be back 21.10 2013. If urgent please call. Dear e-mail sender, I am out of office until Friday 18th of September. I will be out of the office until October 16th, 2013 and am unable to read my e-mails. In urgent matters please contact my colleague. Thank you for your email. I am out of office until October 23rd, 2013 with limited access to my email which will not be forwarded. In urgent cases please call me on my mobile. Je suis absent ce mercredi 16 octobre après-midi et serai de retour demain jeudi.

Please note that I am out of the office until 20th October 2013 with only limited access to email. For urgent matters please leave a message on the following phone number and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Dear Madam/Sir, Thank you for your mail. I am out of the office on Wednesdays and Fridays. I’m back in the office 17 October 2013. In my absence, I cannot check my emails. Thank you for your e-mail! Please note that I am out of office and your e-mails will not be read.


seasonal witch

in order to become invisible, you must surround yourself with blind people. for as long as there are eyes around you, you shall be watched. as long as there are hands moving within spatial spheres, the air will not stand still. as long as there is the need to differentiate between apples and oranges, apples and oranges will remain different things. consequently, as long as THE APPLE is subclassified into different types, there will be several apple types. differences between apple types may have led to a lot of conflicts among the differentiated part of the middle class.

i’m not saying that differentiation should be banned. however, we are going to be distracted from something when we spend time and energy differentiating things into sub things. in the end, life is like a box of kinder surprise eggs, with their chocolate layers molten in the evening sun. by the way, our sun is dying.


growing on trees

there was once a bottle of red wine. the wine rested peacefully in the dark green glass bottle. 100% plain, quiet surface, like a perfect paragon of stability, missing only a small ship sailing on it in order to achieve a 100,1% perfection score.

unfortunately, the world outside of the bottle lacked perfection and/or stability on this particular friday evening. eventually, an earthquake shook the table, the wine bottle fell on the floor, ricocheted about half a metre at about 40 degrees, while falling apart, wine drops flying through the air and landing on the wet wooden floor.

on the next day, there was nothing to be found. no wine stains, no broken glass, just the ashtray standing somewhere else.

berlin, hey!

holly wooed

trnss4t. b. was not amused at all, when his guitar got stolen while he was distracted by a random girl who started a conversation out of the blue. there was no anger, just some kind of a vaguely apologetic aura appearing around him every time he got reminiscent of the theft.

he used to keep all of his identity and bank cards in the guitar case, as well as naked pictures of non-print-media-origin, a huge book, cigars, at times also disposable tableware. something that might sound like an odd combination, will make sense once you accept that there are peepz out there whom you will never understand. the previous sentence was of a very, very questionable logic.

hey!, mit oder ohne alles


today i had to go through a very long list of emails. most of them were automatic replies (to our newsletter) that informed the recipient about the absense of the email destinataire. even though my hangover and the summer heat were mostly determining my rather underaverage condition, it was an interesting activity and i like the idea of collecting these emails.

the idea is appealing because while notifying people about your absense is, in terms of pragmatics, a relatively vague scenario, it’s a common core to hundreds of messages in which people put it in different words (and languages). i’ve seen messages with one single short sentence and i’ve seen paragraphs of information. some people tried to be witty, while other people did not really bother.

i had to think of how many automatic replies might be roaming around in the cables of The Internet at this very moment, how many people might return to their offices on 19th of august, how ridiculously large the overall amount of emails should be.

tao ching
chapter 15

The Tao masters of antiquity
Subtle wonders through mystery
Depths that cannot be discerned
Because one cannot discern them
Therefore one is forced to describe the appearance

Hesitant, like crossing a wintry river
Cautious, like fearing four neighbors
Solemn, like a guest
Loose, like ice about to melt
Genuine, like plain wood
Open, like a valley
Opaque, like muddy water

Who can be muddled yet desist
In stillness gradually become clear?
Who can be serene yet persist
In motion gradually come alive?

One who holds this Tao does not wish to be overfilled
Because one is not overfilled
Therefore one can preserve and not create anew