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Been googling stuff and looking at suggestions, trying out different phrases and looking at the results. This is quite a trivial goal, but pursuing such trivial goals will only contribute to your zen balance.

mit oder ohne alles


Rihanna covered Tame Impala’s New Person, Same Old Mistakes. It sounds like an almost exact copy of the original. For some reason, I’m not surprised that Rihanna can sound like Kevin Parker. This odd reference doesn’t feel misplaced despite its oddness.

Some might say: Things need to feel right. Thinking about the concept of things feeling right is probably the most futile activity I’m engaging in these days. Intuition sits outside of all discourses and reasoning. It only requires experience, which is why it can fail in unfamiliar situations. It’s safe to assume that the source of intuition is the subconscious. If the subconscious is involved in perceiving things as right, then things have the potential to become, for lack of a better word, f*cked. This is because the subconscious is (said to be) not ordered, but rather a mess of conflicting things.

The first month of the year 2016 is almost over. January was named after the two-faced Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions. I’m looking forward to waking up in February, which, by the way, will last 29 days this year.

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Scrolling around in my Facebook feed this morning I saw someone’s post about Mercury currently being in retrograde. A friend of mine liked a post by someone called “Mystic Medusa”, which is why this purple picture appeared in my feed.

12493952_939765436071626_8129791705806607434_oThe only time I’ve ever heard about Mercury in retrograde being a thing was when I heard Bloc Party’s track Mercury (2008). One cup of coffee too many, and there I go, doing astrology research. No topic is silly enough on this Monday morning. Judging by what I read, it is apparently not recommended to make important decisions in any field when Mercury is in retrograde, be it a new job or a new lease, plastic surgery, or any kind of deals or agreements — unless it’s urgent or an emergency. Also astrologists recommend to back up the computer and take extra maps when travelling somewhere.

Mercury seems to be “responsible” for all kinds of communication, so a retrograding Mercury can, according to them astrology folks, create temporary miscommunication and confusion in interpersonal relationships. Mercury in retrograde is introducing radical changes, without them being visible during the retrograde phase, is what astrologists are proposing.

I don’t know how or why grown-up people can be so seriously up this “as above, so below” thing and connect the movements of planets to specific things like digital copies of the passport (that you definitely should give to someone of your friends or family during Mercury in retrograde), but I’m at least willing to take a look at what C.G. Jung said about this. I would also like to see detailed statistics about professional astrologists, like the predominant astrological sign or their psychiatric histories. Do they tend to be neurotic? Do they actually follow their own instructions? Is there a large calendar of planetary movements hanging next to their chimney?

Update: Well, C.G. Jung’s comparison of people being born at a certain point in time in a certain place to a wine harvest / generation / year is not super convincing to me. It’s not too far fetched, but way too vague.

Update II: Haha, there is a website called The internet.. What are you going to do.

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ermygerd, look at them douchebags, they play instruments that are not even featured in this track!, you might think about some music videos. when you’re thinking this, you are judging the piece of artwork based on your standards of authenticity, that, by the way, are not designed to be applied to (results of) artistic creation, because their original purpose is the evaluation of your social surroundings. if you are clever enough, you could start questioning the dogmatism of the last sentence. but if you are even cleverer, you are likely to realise that it would be silly to question that one.

the above mentioned situation can be compared to someone hating a radically different recent cover of an ancient song, say one from the 80s. for example, if a song happens to be one that someone like one of your parents really liked, and it’s really emotional, and the cover version is screamed in a really really croaky voice to a bizarre 200 bpm beat, parents might react with anger and/or contempt. this automatic reaction is blanking out every reflection on a possible enrichment value of this particular cover version, be it a productive gesture of nihilism towards existing norms or just plain fun.

it seems like everytime something is trying to distort your vision of cultural goods, you are so busy defending against the distortion that you don’t get to ask yourself whether it might be an enriching distortion. but i mean hey, f*ck enrichment,  let’s keep b*tching around.

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projects and couches

slackers and overachievers, like love and hate, are generally considered opposites. this simplified relation concept must be deconstructed. not only is it aggressively enforcing certain features upon us, thus generating passivity via helpless acceptance; it also sheds a bad, bitter light on both groups, because slacker implies a negative connotation and overachiever has over- in it, which means that whatever it is, it’s too much.

just picture slackers and overachievers hanging together in front of a fireplace, right after the snacks were prepared by overachievers while slackers played guitar to entertain the overachievers. slackers and overachievers would then devour the snacks together, talking about how they hate being called slackers respectively overachievers and how there is this big grey area between everything.

both groups would then agree, because they are reasonable enough, that the grey area does not contribute to definitions in any way and is therefore useless. feeling let down by their world views they drink a lot of wine with sad expression on their faces and then continue living their lives and being themselves, staring at advertisements while waiting for the bus and fighting the urge to throw up whenever someone is trying to elaborate on identity topics.

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in bed by eleven

been deleted by two people on facebook within the last couple of weeks and by accident found out who they were. it was about time to drop each of them a line.

but there they go, two special people from the periphery, two raw diamonds that will never reach their final shape. although i will definitely not shed a tear, i feel a slight touch of sad fascination at the existence of those people who you never talk to and yet whose stepping away from you (here: deleting you from their list) leaves a long trail of vague emotional meaning, like locomotive smoke, temporarily wrapping itself around you, stirring up dust and questions.

you then suddenly get hung up with the concept of ‘loss’, but in a nice way. there surely are some cases where saying goodbye to a person is a ‘good’ thing to do. metaphorically speaking it’s like you ‘re saying goodbye to all the branches of the big tree* that you know you will not climb, for whatever reason. so this is a healthy letting go off dead possibilities that only slow you down on your way up the tree. funny how they were the first to realise this.

*by the big tree i mean life. it’s a tree you can climb up, but not down. the branches are the results of your choices. now i’m getting way too exhaustive about this metaphor. so much typing, my gawd.

[..coming up next: a serious discussion on the concept of seriousness.]

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potato overdose

this year is now five days old and although i miss some real action to start off this year in a really good way, i already learned some new things. they range from surprising to trivial (in a nice way):

  • sending people new year’s greetings is especially advantageous when you contact the group of those bearable, but rarely contacted “friends”, because they will reply and thus provide an instant reward for your touchscreen typing
  • it’s apparently very easy to destroy a softair with your bare hands
  • vegan food can be delicious AND weird at the same time
  • listening to shamanic journey soundtracks via spotify barely holds what it promises
  • i, too, can get to the point where i’d say “please no more of this particular substance”. for example, beer is something i’m not very thirsty for at the moment, which is odd
  • berlin’s clubbing scene is totally losing it. my god are they f*****
  • gotta appreciate augustin lesage, carl sagan, gerhard polt, rolling stones and the kingdom of tonga 


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confidence (uncountable), latin: confidentia > confidere > con- + fidere > fides (“faith, belief, reliance, confidence (gettin’ slightly recursive ‘ere, wiktionary latin language?), trust”), is a fairly complex concept.

“X is confident simply because X does not place a great deal of emphasis on the outcome of the activity. When X does not dwell on negative consequences, X can be more confident because X is worrying far less about failure or the disapproval of others following potential failure. X is then more likely to focus on the actual situation, which means that enjoyment and success in that situation is also more probable. Belief in X’s abilities to perform an activity comes through successful experience and may add to, or consolidate, a general sense of self-confidence.” [slightly changed via wikipedia. the passage is still not covering all of “it”, but it’s giving us a glimpse at the opalescent surface of teh idea.]

there is this wonderful german term “verdunkelungsgefahr” (danger of collusion or danger of suppression of evidence) i bumped into recently. confidence, then, is letting you know this. whenever you write something, you have got to be convinced that someone wants to read that. i want to gather all the bloggers and slap everyone of them for being so lame. it would be at a big fair like whatsitcalled, utopica republica, and this gesture would be captured by a lot of microphones and cameras. and then, hopefully, we would get more blog coverage on the actual reality.

by the way, this is the 500th blog entry.

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when to say no to harvard

funny how the memory of taste and smells is drastically different from the memory of visual and auditory signals. you could imagine different storage rooms: two of them, the taste room and the smell room, could be entered physically, while nobody would ever walk through the door to the visual and audio room, thus they would be neater and better structured, simply because of the fact that noone contaminates their floor with dirty shoes. they would be purely abstract and in the most literal way untouchable.

sometimes content (like whole experience fragments, per definitionem something compelx) would be divided between the rooms and in the visual room there would be the abstract representations while in the taste room you would have copies of molecular structures, something you could actually photograph, or describe, or re-model.

observing of molecules versus math. measurability versus transcendence. assuming that it’s been discovered and not constructed, mathematics might be THE gate to the divine upper spheres, please never mind the silly phrase.