My book “Modern Sculptures”

Please allow for some nonintrusive advertising. I present: My book! It already has a one star review. Here’s my press release:


Modern art* is difficult. Modern art is controversial. A lot of people say modern art is bad. Look up “modern art” on YouTube, and you’ll see a significant amount of people who disapprove of it. Maybe you do, too. I argue that modern art is an important part of our culture, and that art education at schools should include modern forms of making art.

Yeah, uhm.

When I was a school student, I loved my art classes. We were taught to draw or paint buildings, animals, landscapes and people. The main premise was, at least during my first years of school, to get the perspective and the proportions right. Basically, I was taught to draw as realistically as possible. But mimicking reality is not what art is about. It’s about reflecting reality. This can be done via a lot of methods, including (but not limited to) visual art.

This book will show you how you can create modern artworks without a giant budget. This book is full of rather sloppy drawings instead of polished Photoshop stuff: I intentionally chose to publish the ideas in the raw state. This book is about ideas, not about products or existing artworks. This book is a mess. At the same time it’s a practical guide, with included explanations as to why this specific idea works as a modern artwork. It’s supposed to inspire you to make your own artworks and exhibit them. You may use these ideas for your installations. Whether you’re a new aspiring artist, an art teacher or someone who likes thinking about art – you will be able to follow my thoughts, and get your own value out of it.

Since this book is not a novel, there is no need to read it in a linear way. It’s made for browsing and thinking.

*I’m using the term Modern Art when referring to modern in general, as opposed to modernism as the time period extending from the 1860s to the 1970s.

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New mother of all reinventions: Shredded Mona Lisa (here’s my Redbubble shop)

Here I am, back again. After a long time of silence: Hello again, dear readership. You might have arrived at this blog via my Instagram, in that case here’s a brief update:

This blog, and this URL, have been around for many years, but I relaunched the blog and got rid of all old entries. There will be a book called “Common People”, and it will contain things I wrote between 2013 and 2014. Anyhow, who cares about my blog, when the average attention span is something like 0,4 seconds? Instagram is probably the better way to go, but I promise you that I will at least consider a blog post more often from now on.


Due to the sloppiness that’s in my blood I managed to wait since last summer with the removal of the ban. Bye bye, ban, hello new blog.

I’m yet to figure out where this is going, but at least I have a brand new starting point. Might import the entire history since 2006 sometime, and then it will become apparent that this place underwent quite a few changes.

If you’re here for the first time: Welcome! Don’t expect anything like a niche blogging here.