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Anthony Davis
This one features Anthony Davis, the NBA player.

JFK With Pink Hair
John F. Kennedy, portrayed with pink hair.

Albert Einstein
Golden portrait of Einstein.

William Shakespeare
Shakespeare <3

Marshall Rosenberg
This is a little tribute to Marshall Rosenberg, the guy I first saw on a meme somewhere, wearing a giraffe hat, along with text saying “Everyone shut the f*ck up, I’m trying to think”. What I didn’t know back then is that Rosenberg had figured everything out. He says that all conflicts are due to the circumstance that someone’s needs are not being met. So all you have to do is listen to them. It’s really simple, but it’s the most powerful approach I have ever seen anywhere. And I’ve read some books before. Watch one of his 3 hour workshops, and you might never be angry again. Search for “non-violent communication”.

Hanuman with Sita and Ram

Picasso’s Bather