Game of Thrones Review

Please be aware of spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched episode 5 of season 8 of Game of Thrones, you should probably stop reading right here.

I recently got into Game of Thrones. Haven’t watched all episodes (just the first season and now also the last, 8th season), I can still kind of feel the general vibe. Most fans of the show, however, seem to have lost their big picture.

To everyone who is disappointed by the ending.. Guys, the plot, the story and the whole thing do not exist solely to adhere to your preferences. And it’s good that they don’t. Otherwise y’all would probably get psychotic. Yes, the plot and character development are meant to be discussed, but no, the ending is not a matter of whatever you, in your current state of mind, have envisioned. Looking at people’s little reviews I’m starting to think that they are really zoomed in on certain time spans within Game of Thrones. Like, what will become of Daenerys, and who will rule the whole thing in the end? Who will live happily ever after, after most have been killed? I sense that most people have become oblivious to what the show actually does.

See, Game of Thrones has been full of violence all along. People have been tortured, raped and killed aaaaall the frigging way. The way I see it, the only possible option to end this kind of mess is to just “burn them all”, as the Mad King supposedly said (again, I haven’t watched all of the show). Life is not fair, get over it. All parties, all sides, have committed horrible things. This kind of process that we see in Game of Thrones is not to be compared to Lord of the Rings, or How I Met Your Mother, and not even Breaking Bad has this kind of injustice to it. So why is everyone expecting a happy ending?

The whole point of what I’m saying: All specific expectations on a certain plot development are in most cases pointless. Otherwise your grandma could write such a thing. But she won’t, and neither will you.