My Book “How To Be Yourself On Instagram”: Update

My Versace Medusa design

I’ve been writing this book about Instagram for ages now. It all started when I noticed people who were eager to have a lot of followers. I’m not sure about the year.

There is a hollowness in this hunt for digital fame, I thought, and decided to write a book about it. It’s somewhere between non-fiction and fiction, I’m mentioning Paris Hilton and quoting some people. The book also has a Kierkegaard quote.

It’s not just Instagram. The main idea of the book indirectly reflects patterns of social media usage in general. It’s about how we deal with such a medium. Now back to Instagram as a prime example: My point is that Instagram culture has become superficial and attention-grabbing. In our age of collective worldwide ADD, it comes as no surprise that a huge amount of people will try to scream loudest by wearing thongs, showing off their cars or posting memes.

Anyhow: The book is still in progress. I’m currently re-writing the chapter about Versace, because I’m struggling with the idea of fashion. If you think about it: A design company makes clothing, and people buy these clothes and associate themselves with the brand, incorporate its features. People who buy Louis Vuitton want to make a certain statement.

Why would I deal with fashion companies in a book called How to Be Yourself on Instagram? Well, in the end it boils down to the brand. Be your own brand, is roughly what I’m saying in the book.
Launch is coming soon.