My Current Thing

Let’s talk monetizable hobbies! So I’ve been drawing a lot recently. Since I got the iPad (and the Apple pencil), I’m pretty happy with the overall feeling, but more importantly: with the quality of the outcomes. Those also have to do with skills, and I think I have improved mine a little bit.

Links: Lionel Richie / Cell / Miss Understanding

Looking back on my progress, I’d say a lot has happened since I started (a few months ago). Not only has my “portfolio” grown to become several folders with probably hundreds of drawings (all of them transparent .pngs with a super high resolution). It’s also actually paying off in terms of money.

The Moneys: I’ve earned a 3-figure sum so far, and I think it’s increasing.

I’m basically dumping my iPad drawings into the internet, and they sell. I must admit, it’s a weird feeling. Weird in a positive way, obviously. I had already sold some photos and illustrations in the past, but what’s happening now is blowing my mind.

Example: One fine evening I felt silly and just wrote “I Love My Bed” onto my iPad surface. Like in my handwriting and all. I uploaded it, just for the hell of it, and then sometime few days back I saw that someone had bought it. Needless to say, it felt nice like magic.

Another example: I found out that for some reason, cricket (the sport, not the insect) seems to be a popular topic. So I made a few silly cricket designs, and they are selling. Never thought I would end up in my kitchen drawing cricket player silhouettes for $.

POD (Print-On-Demand) is quite an adventure. It all starts with the upload: I’m uploading everything on RedBubble, and the upload process here reminds me of the Amazon form for self-published books. It’s kind of laborious.

In case of POD it’s not just the pictures, but also title, description and tags. But I don’t want to bore you with the details, so then: Before the upload, you have to have a picture, of course. Make sure it looks good. Also make pretty damn sure that it “sits” well on the tshirt. Many people out there just leave the print on the belly area, which is too low.

Leaving you with a motivational spark: Try getting some of the stuff you make out there! A capitalist person would say: Turn it into a product. I think it’s a good idea to try.

PS: This new version of WordPress backend is truly, truly horrible. WordPress, this is not intuitive… Like where do I change the color of the text? :/